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 If you wish to arrange your bookmarks by category, you will need to add one or more sets.  By default there is an Ungrouped set, which cannot be deleted and is where all bookmarks are added if a different set is not selected.
To Add a Set (Category)
You may take the following steps in two different ways: during the course of adding a new bookmark, or on the main or full view of the bookmark portlet.
  • Click on the icon or the Add a Set link.
  • The window will refresh with a form to enter the details of your Set:
    Name - This will be the name of your set.
    Description - You may enter text with further information about the set.
    Position- You may select where the set will appear in the list of sets; First or After one of the existing sets.
  • Click on Save or Save and Add Another if you wish to add other sets at this time.
  • Click on Cancel if you don't want to save this set now.