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Every authenticated user has permission to manage the bookmarks on the main page of the My Pages tab.  In addition, some users may be able to manage a bookmarks portlet on other pages, such as a group's page.  The bookmark portlet will function the same, regardless of the page on which it appears.

To Add a Bookmark
You may take the following steps in two different places: on the page where the portlet appears or on the main or full view of the portlet.  (You can get to the full view by clicking on the title of the portlet (My Bookmarks, if you are on My Pages tab) or the "Go to Main Screen" link in the bottom right corner of the portlet.)
  • Click on the  The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. or the Add a Bookmark link. 
  • The window will refresh with a form to enter the details of  your bookmark:
    Label - This will be the wording that appears on the page to identify your bookmark.
    URL - Enter the URL for the bookmark.
    Set - By default this will be "Ungrouped".  If you have added other sets (or categories), you may select one from this dropdown list.  See below for instructions on adding new sets.
    Description - You may enter text with further information about the bookmark.
  • Click on Save or Save and Add Another, if you wish to add additional bookmarks at this time.
  • Click on Cancel if you don't want to save this bookmark now.
The only required field is the URL.  If that is all you enter, the URL will appear in your bookmarks list.