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The announcement portlet on the main page of a tab will display the subjects and authors of any announcements for a user's role(s).  To view the text or main message details of an announcement, you must be in the full view of the portlet.  To go to the full view:
  • Click on the title of the announcements portlet (Campus Announcements or Announcements).
  • Click on the subject link of any announcement.
  • Click on the Show All Announcements link at the bottom of the portlet.
Announcements will be displayed in an Inbox.  Each announcement's message will be displayed below the subject, along with the author and the date and time the announcement was posted.  There is also a checkbox to the left of each subject line.
If you are an announcement administrator, when you are in the full view of the portlet, you will also see an Outbox, displaying any announcements that you have entered.  Your Inbox will only show announcements that are directed to your role(s).  I.e., if you are a group leader and create an announcement for members only (not leaders), you would see that announcement in your Outbox, but not in your Inbox.
Collapsing/Expanding Messages
While you are in the full view of the announcement portlet, the subject line of an announcement is a link which will toggle between displaying and hiding the message text.  When you first go into the full view of the portlet, all announcements will show the full text of the message by default.  You can hide the message text of an announcement by clicking on the subject link.  Click this again to redisplay the message for the announcement.  See Customizing Your View of an Announcement Portlet for showing announcements in their collapsed state by default when you go to the full/main view of the announcements portlet.
Deleting Messages from Your Inbox
You can remove messages from your Inbox, if you no longer wish to see them.  This only removes the announcement from your view.  Announcement administrators should see the Managing Announcements section for instructions on deleting an announcement for everyone.  NOTE:  Once you have deleted an announcement, you can not get it back.  This cannot be undone!  To delete an announcement: 
  • Select the checkbox for the announcement(s) you wish to delete.
  • Click on the Remove Selected link at the bottom of your Inbox.
  • The page will refresh and the deleted announcement(s) will no longer be displayed.