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In order to add an announcement, you must be either a group leader or an Announcement Administrator.  Group leaders can add announcements for leaders and/or members of their group.  Announcement Administrators can add announcements for any of the myColby base roles, but generally have a specific role to which they will target an announcement.

Add a New Announcement
To add a new announcement, go to the main or full view of the announcements portlet by clicking on the portlet title or the View All Announcements link at the bottom of the portlet.  You will see a blue    Manage    tab at the top of the window. 
  • Mouse over the Manage tab to display an Add a New Announcement option.
  • Select this to open a new announcement form.
  • Enter your information in the following fields:
    Title - This is the Subject of your announcement, and will show on the announcement portlet.
    Send To - Select the role(s) who you want to see your announcement.  For group leaders, you may choose to send  your announcement to leaders only, members only, or both.  For announcement administrators, you may select All Users (which would be students, faculty and staff) or specific roles from the list of myColby base roles.  You may also click on the  Add Individual Users link to send your announcement to users who may not be in your group or the role(s) you have selected.
    Details - Enter the details of your announcement in this text box.  Several formatting options are available.
    Start Date - You may choose to have your announcement display now, display manually at a later time (you'll need to edit your announcement later to do this) or select a date and time for your announcement to appear.
    End On Date - You may choose to have your announcement have no end date, or you may select a date and time for your announcement to end.
    After End Date Option - Choose whether to archive (the default) or delete your announcement when the end date is reached.
  • Click on Save to create your announcement, or Cancel if you don't want to save the changes.
Edit an Announcement
To edit an announcement:
  •  In your Outbox, click on the   (Edit) icon for the announcement you want to edit.
  • This will open the announcement form for that announcement.  Make the desired changes.
  • Click on Save to save the changes, or Cancel if you don't want to save the changes.