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Left Navigation Bar  (Table of Contents)
Down the left side of the full view of the calendar portlet, you will find:
  • Month View of a Calendar Page - Located in the upper left of the page, this view of a calendar has the current date highlighted in blue by default.  You can click on a date to load the day view of that date in the main part of the window.  If you click to a date other than today, the blue highlight will move to the date that is being displayed, and the current date will be in red.
  • Calendars List - Just below the calendar is a list of the calendars you have added in this instance of the portlet.  Each calendar has a checkbox beside it, checked by default, so that events on that calendar will be included in any calendar view you choose.  If you wish to exclude a calendar's events from your calendar view, uncheck the box next to that calendar. 
    At the end of the calendar list is an   Add a Calendar link.  Click here to add a new calendar.
  • Subscriptions List - This is a list of calendars to which you have subscribed.  Again, each has a checkbox, which you can uncheck if you wish to temporarily remove that calendar's events from your calendar view.
    At the end of the subscriptions list is a   Browse Shared Calendars link.  Click here to see a list of public calendars to which you can subscribe.
  • Manage Calendars Link - This link takes you to the Manage Calendars page, where you can edit or delete calendars and subscriptions you have added.  You can also add a new calendar from this page and import events (via a .csv file) to a calendar.
  • Export Events for this view Link - Clicking on this link will create a .csv file containing all events currently being displayed in the calender view in the main part of the page.
Calendar View Area 
In the main section of the window, you will see the events for the calendar(s) you have selected.  Starting at the top of the window, you will see:
  • Calendar View Options Tabs - The events of the selected calendar(s) will be displayed in the main part of the window.  At the top of this area,  you will see a series of tabs for the different view options:          
          Day       Week      Month           Year         Event List           The background of the current view will be blue, the others will be gray.  Click on any tab to change the view.
  • Current Date(s) Displayed - Below the view option tabs will be the current date, range of dates, month and year, or year being displayed, depending on the view option you selected. 
    Before and after this date you will see <<    >> links to move back or forward a day, month or year.
    At the right end of this same line is the option to  Add an Event.
  • Scheduled Events - You will see all the events for any calendars that are checked in your Calendars and Subscriptions lists. Uncheck any of those calendars to remove those events from your calendar view.  See Customizing Your View of the Calendar Portlet for changing the start time and day and default display format for your calendar view.
    NOTE:  You can click on an event to display the details of that event or edit the event, if you added it.