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In order to post to a bulletin board, you must have permission to do so.  Some bulletin boards may be set up for read only access, in which case, posting a message will not be an option for you.
If you have permission to post, when you click on a topic, you will see two links at the right edge of the line with the topic name:  Post a Message   and   Subscribe (or Unsubscribe) to Topic.
Post a New Message
  • Click on the topic to which you want to post.
  • Click on Post a Message.
  • The Manage Message View form will open with the following fields:
    Subject - Will appear on the list of postings under a topic.
    Message - The body of your posting, displayed when someone clicks on your subject in the postings list.
    Attachment - You can attach a file to your post.
    Delete After - You choose to have your post deleted automatically after a set number of days.  By default, your post will be set to Never delete.
    Show My Photo - Uncheck this box, as we are not using photos in the portal.
  • Click on Post a Message to post the message, Preview to see what your post will look like, or Cancel if you don't wish to submit a post at this time.
  • If you click on Preview, you will then have the option to Post a Message, Edit (to go back and edit your post) or Cancel.

Reply to a Message

  • Click on the Subject link for message to which you want to reply.  This will display the original message posted, plus a link to "View All Replies" (a list of all messages related to that subject).
  • Click on the Reply link for the original message, or any of its replies, on the right side of the page.
  • The Manage Message View form will open, similar to when you post a new message, but with the following changes:
    Subject - will display "Re:  " followed by the original subject.
    Quote Original - this is a link found just under and to the right of the Message text box.  Click this link to insert the original message into the Message text box.
    Original Message - The original message is displayed at the bottom of the page.
  • Click Send, Preview or Cancel.
  • If you clicked send, you will see a message that reads "Your reply has been sent to the author of the post."  The author will receive an email from you including your message, a link to the bulletin board and an email link to reply directly to you.  In addition, your reply is saved in the list of replies to the subject.