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The bulletin board portlet allows authenticated users to post a message or read messages posted by others.  Bulletin boards are not threaded, so replies to a post are always emailed back to the person who originally posted the message. 
A bulletin board is organized by Categories.  Each category can have multiple Topics
Click on a topic to view a list of the messages posted under that topic.  For each post, in addition to the message, you will see the author, the date of the posting and the number of times the post has been viewed.
Click on the subject of a post to see the message posted.
You may Subscribe to a topic of interest by clicking on the Subscribe to Topic link at the right side of the topic title line.  This link will now change to Unsubscribe to Topic.  The manager of the bulletin board selects the notification settings for subscriptions to the board.  You will be notified whenever there is a new post and for the first post in a new topic.