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Adding, Editing and Deleting
Your My Pages context (or tab) is made up of pages. Pages, here, as elsewhere on the internet, are used to hold content -- in this portal, content is in the form of portlets (more on portlets on the next step). You can have as many pages as you want. Having multiple pages is useful for organizing your content -- you can have one page with all the portlets related to your courses, one for general items like a calendar of campus events, and another for fun personal content, like bookmarks to your favorite websites.
Adding Pages

Adding pages is easy -- simply click on the ''Add a Page'' link which is visible on all the pages in your My Pages context. You'll be prompted to enter a name for your new page, and after you hit the ''Create'' button, your new page will be ready.

Default Page

One of your pages is always designated as the ''Default page.'' The default page will come up first whenever you navigate to your My Pages context. You can't delete your default page, but you can always set another page as default first and then delete the page.

Editing Pages

Editing a page allows you to change the content and layout of a page, designate it as your default page, or delete the page. To edit a page, navigate to that page using the link in the sidebar, and then click the ''Edit Page'' link in the top right corner of the content area. We'll cover editing pages in more detail in a moment.

Deleting Pages
You can delete any page by navigating to the page, clicking the ''Edit Page'' link, and choosing the ''Delete the page'' option. Be careful:  deleting a page deletes all the content you had on the page and it cannot be undone.