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All campus groups must be approved by the Campus Groups administrator, in ITS.  Currently, approvals will be granted for official Colby clubs, organizations, academic or administrative departments.  The request for a new group can be made on the Campus Life tab, in the Campus Groups portlet, or on the My Pages tab, in the My Groups portlet.
  • Click on the Create New Campus Group link at the bottom of the portlet (to the right of the Browse Groups link) to open the New Group Application.
  • Complete the following fields:
    Group Name - Enter the name of your group (100 characters max).  This will appear in the list of groups and at the top of the main page for your group.
    Category - Select the category that best fits your group. When someone clicks on the Browse Groups  link, groups are displayed under these category headings.
    Description - Enter text to describe your group to users who want to find out more about your group.
    Reason for the Group - Why do you want to create this group?  This is used by the Campus Groups administrator when reviewing your application.
    Maximum # of Members - If you wish to limit the number of members in your group, enter that number here.  If this field is left blank, there is no limit to the number of members who can join your group.
    Group Availability - Do you want this group to be Public or Private?  If you choose Private, your group will not appear in the list of campus groups in the Campus Group Directory.
    Membership Enrollment - There are four options for group membership:  Open, no application required; Open by membership application; Membership by invitation only; or Closed to new members.
  • Click on the Submit Application button at the bottom of the page.
  • The page will reload with a confirmation that  your application has been sent to the Campus Groups administrator.  You will be notified when your application has been accepted or denied.