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Student Testing Compliance Process: Ensuring Timely and Regular Testing

Updated 08/09/2021

To ensure the health and safety of the campus community, Colby College is utilizing a testing compliance process to address students who miss their scheduled tests. A test is considered “missed” unless the student is excused from testing, in writing, by the Office of the Dean of Students. Requests should be submitted through the following google form []. Students must obtain a written excuse before, not after, they are scheduled to test, and the request must fully explain why they cannot attend scheduled testing. This process will begin on the first day of classes – September 8, 2021. The date on which the College will begin counting the number of missed test dates begins on September 8 and runs through the last day of the first semester – December 20, 2021.

Out of Sequence Testing - Process:

  1. Students who miss testing on their scheduled testing day will receive a notification – usually on the evening of a missed test day, but by no later than the following morning - from the testing staff instructing them to get tested before 4:00 p.m. on the day following their missed test. The notification will include a link to the COVID-19 policy. Parents are provided notice of the missed test date and are informed that the student will be placed on probation if they miss 3 more test dates (for a total of 4 missed test dates) and will be sent home if they miss 1 more test date after that (for a total of 5 missed test dates).1
  2. Students who then do not test on the following day will receive an additional notification of testing non-compliance from the testing staff and will be instructed to test the next day before 4:00 p.m. This notification will reference the quarantine requirement outlined in item 3 below.  Testing staff will notify Security that the student is not in compliance with testing and ColbyCard ID access and dining access will be suspended until the student has tested. Parents are again notified.
  3. Students who do not test on their scheduled day or the following two days will be required to quarantine for one week (seven days) and must then receive two consecutive negative test results (spaced at least three days apart) through our testing regimen. Example – A student who misses their scheduled test on Monday, and then fails to test on Tuesday and Wednesday will be quarantined for seven days beginning on Thursday. Additionally, during the 7-day period, the student must receive two consecutive negative test results. Thus, if the quarantined student receives negative test results following their Thursday test and their test on the following Monday, the student may be released from quarantine at the end of the day on Wednesday.2
  4. The quarantine in item 3 is not disciplinary by nature. It is a health and safety measure to ensure that students who miss multiple tests do not put the community at risk. Faculty will be notified whether a student is in quarantine for testing compliance reasons or because they are a close contact. Faculty have the discretion on how to treat missed class time due to a failure to test, and are not obligated to create other opportunities for the student to make up missed in-person class time.
  5. Students are not permitted to change their testing days without written permission from the Office of the Dean of Students as a way to avoid missing test dates. Failure to receive or read notifications does not excuse the student from the obligation to test.

Serial Failures to Test - Process: 

  1. Students who miss a total of four testing days between September 8 and December 20:  For purposes of this process, a missed testing day includes every day that a student misses their designated testing day and any day a student is instructed to test, but fails to do so:
    1.   In addition to the measures above, and subject to a review of that student’s case by the Dean of Students’ office, the student will be placed on probation, which does constitute discipline; and
    2.   Must engage in a discussion with the Assistant Director of the Office of Community Values, Conflict Resolution and Restorative Practice regarding education on health risks and consequences to the student and the community of missing tests.
  1. Students who then miss a fifth testing day between September 8 and December 20:  
    1.   In addition to any applicable measures above, and subject to a review of that student’s case by the Dean of Students’ office, the student will be suspended. The student will not be able to complete coursework remotely. There is no appeal of the suspension.
    2.   As in all suspensions or leaves of this type, the student will not be allowed on campus or in any Colby buildings or property. Typically, the student is not allowed to participate in Colby events or activities remotely, and such participation must be approved in advance by the Dean of Students office. 
    3.   During the suspension period and on through the date of last enrollment at Colby, the student is also on probation. Upon return to Colby after suspension, the student also loses privileges to live in the Senior Apartments or the Main Street Commons, and may not serve in any leadership role in student government, or the residential advisor or orientation programs. 
    4.   Consistent with regular Colby practice, suspension results in loss of credit for any coursework up to the date of suspension and a return of the comprehensive fee prorated to the date of suspension.

1    This assumes student has not executed an opt-out regarding notice to parents under FERPA. The term “parent” also refers to a student’s legal guardian.

2    If the student tests positive while in quarantine, then Colby’s protocol regarding positive Covid-19 tests will apply.