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Alissa J. Rubin Receives 2016 Lovejoy Award
Coverage of the human toll of war—on noncombatants, on women and children, and on the cities where they live—is as crucial to understanding conflict as the traditional reporting of battles, insurgencies, and invasions around the world, according to 2016 Lovejoy Award winner Alissa J. Rubin. Rubin, a Pulitzer-decorated foreign correspondent for the New York Times,...
October 25, 2016

McClenachan Coauthor on Ecology and Evolution Article
Ainslie Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies Loren McClenachan coauthored an article titled “Collateral damage to marine and terrestrial ecosystems from Yankee whaling in the 19th century,” which appeared in Ecology and Evolution. The results of the research show that “the ecosystem impacts of whaling reverberated on both marine and coastal environments.” The article was a collaboration among McClenachan, Joshua...
October 25, 2016