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Registered cell phone numbers and other contact information for the Colby Connect-ED Emergency Notification System.
This contact information is confidential to the emergency system. For more information about the system, click here. All Colby students, faculty and staff are urged to register at least their primary contact phone numbers, typically their cell phones.
You do not have access to this program
Primary Phone:
Additional Phone 1:
Additional Phone 2:
Colby Employee Work Phone:
Primary Email:
Alternate Email:
SMS Phone:
TTY Phone:
Parent/Spouse/Family Phone 1:
Parent/Spouse/Family Phone 2:
In the event of a school closure:
Emergency Address 1:

Emergency Address 2:

Emergency Parent Phone/Email:

Emergency Student Phone/Email:

To make changes please click here
You will need to reload the Connect-Ed portlet to view your changes
Note that changes in contact information take up to 24-hours to be loaded in the Connect-Ed system. Updates are typically done at midnight every day.